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BeChristensen Jewellery Collection
We work with sterling silver, gilding in 18 carat gold and 14-18 carat pure gold. Pearls and gems are real and of the finest quality.

BeChristensen Samer Collection 
Inspired by the Nordic culture and lifestyle, we have made a Samer collection, which is now the greatest in Scandinavia.

The classic bracelets are made with tin wire containing 4% silver embroidered on real hide with reindeer horn buttons. The completely unique bracelets now exist in 76 different designs and colours. 

The collection contains bracelets, rings, key rings, chokers, watch straps and scarves. It is characterized by the exquisite workmanship and selection of pure, sustainable materials, whose beauty deepens with age and obtains a remarkable shiny quality.

BeChristensen Warranty
We provide a 2-year warranty for production flaws upon presentation of receipt.
The warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear (cf. written guarantee).

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